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Just wondering what people's thoughts are.

I was contacted 5 weeks ago by the council housing options team who wanted to place a tenant in a flat I had vacant. Brought him to see flat and was agreed I would give him the tenancy.

He subsequently signed the agreement etc. A deposit was organised by the council from the vicars relief fund.

Once received I protected it. A few weeks ago the council contacted me and arranged for the tenant to collect the keys the next day at an arranged time.

He didn't turn up. I've spoke to council today who are going to try and make contact with him. He hasn't got a mobile I'm told.

Where do I stand ?

He's liable for the rent for the next 6 months but there's no chance of that he's on benefits with UC.

I've rd council if they can't make contact I will re let the flat.

Where do I stand with the deposit. Can I keep it and put towards the rent owing and 're let??

Thanks for any replies.


25/10/2018 13:17

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