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I have had tenants in my property for 18 months and have received two complaints from their neighbour regarding noise. One on a Sunday afternoon, so advised neighbour to approach tenants which he did and they responded by apologising and reducing noise. Neighbour contacted me again re a party until 5.00 am on a Sunday morning, i contacted tenants, who were again apologetic and admitted they had people around until 5.00 am but said they were very quite as had a complaint re noise one sunday afternoon and did not want to antagonise neighbour again.

I spoke to neighbour and suggested he contact me whatever the time night or day if he has any further problems and I would go round to hear the noise for myself and if the tenants were causing a nuisance i would consider asking them to leave.

Several days later tenants received a letter from the council regarding the noise. The neighbour has worked for the council for 35 years and has already warned me he has "friends" in the council and he has had an order placed on the property in the past preventing it from being let. I want to believe neighbour and tenants, but i have a gut feeling the neighbour is blowing things out of proportion and somwhere between both stories is the truth.

My questions are

1) Does two disturbances in 18 months really give the council grounds to hassle the tenants and me ?

2) Do i need to get involved or should i leave it to the authorities/ environmental health what can happen to me ?

3) How easy is it for the neighbour to get a court order issued, as he has threatened in a round about way, to prevent me from letting the property ?

4) What can tenants do to protect themselves assuming they are behaving in a reasonable manner ?

15/12/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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