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I currently have tenants from Poland in my property.
Any ideas if they are likely to be able to remain in my property after Brexit.
I really dont want to have to kick them out for this, but how do I check their immigration status when they are allowed in under the free movement laws one day, and then suddenly arent allowed in any more.
Particularly if as seems increasingly likely we end up leaving without a deal.
Secondly, if they do guarantee the rights of EU nationals that are currently living here in the UK, as a landlord, how do I confirm they have this right after Brexit day?
As we have to confirm right to rent, I would like to know how this can be achieved for EU nationals that moved here before Brexit and were guaranteed the right to remain.
Showing a passport just proves nationality, and a visa will not be stamped in it because they would have arrived under the old fredom of movement laws.

29/10/2018 23:48

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