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Hello colleagues. It's getting more difficult to recruit ppl for my HMO's on a 6 month contract. Many folk want upwards of 2 months only because of restrictive short-term work contracts. In the past I've held out for those wanting 6 months, not less, and signed them up into a 'joint & several' AST. In the past contracts were happily renewed & AST's rolled problems then.

The changing work climate in an inner- city area,even with 4 local hospitals & two Uni's means short-term job contracts are endemic. Two NHS tnts have in light of their contracts being extended by 3 months at a time, have asked please may they have 'a room only' contract & not be 'joint & several'.
I like to keep tnts happy so whilst never using 'room only' tenancies I'm prepared to change. The biggest issue is that the current 'j&s' AST's include a rota for cleaning shared areas of each property. Can a 'room -only' contract include that expectation.
The 'paying a rent shortfall' never occurs as in my HMO's; I never have had arrears.

I've read on the site that some LL's of HMO's hire a cleaner for the common areas, or clean those themselves. Monitoring cleaners seems like wall to wall hassle & I haven't got spare hours in the month to do that, or clean the common areas myself.
The joint & several AST's demand tnts clean the common areas AND their bedrooms. This works fine. Exteriors/gardens are my domain every 6 weeks or so.

The issue is of tnts in a HMO NOW wanting to come-in & then go-out at different times & of wanting to rent for fixed terms of 2,3 or 4 months only.

One has to change with the times to chime with customer demand, so what are the pitfalls please of 'room only tenancies' for 4 bed shared-houses[HMO] in a SL'd area.

31/10/2018 21:58

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