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Anyone been to court for a RRO?

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I m in a selective licence area that I didnít know about until 10weeks into contract (non HMO). I then applied and paid for licence straight away(wasnít asked to by council or anything when I applied).
It took 2 months to get issued due to Ď current increased work loadí at Council.
My tenant now taking me to court for RRO for the entire time I had no licence and not when I paid. Would I just be answerable for the 10 weeks before I paid and applied for licence ? Council lost my info I sent several times, forgot to request certain checks until I chased up etc and had to chase constantly.
I have not made any financial gains on this tenancy (I have made significant loss) and I genuinely donít have money to pay back lump sum unless sell the property (property been on market to raise funds for my personal circumstances since start of tenancy, but unable to issue s21 and tenant unwilling to vacate so can not sell).
Can I offer to pay tenant back in instalments ? Or would they come round and take an asset like my car?
Anyone ever heard of any experiences on RR0 and typical fines regarding non licence? What would they consider when deciding the penalty payable?
Thanks in advance to any advice ...

01/11/2018 14:34

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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