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Tomorrow (friday) I'm intending to serve a section 8 notice on my tenant for rent arrears.

Today when I inspected the house (all done formally) I found used cigarette butts left on the floor again, also this time the tenant had flicked the switch on the electric box to stop main wired smoke alarms from working. I'm thinking that my tenant turning off the mains wired smoke alarms amounts to antisocial/nuisance behavior given that the house is a terrace; and any fire is likely to pose a serious risk to neighbors on both sides. Do yo think a court would agree?

I don't want to complicate matters by putting more than the rent arrears on the section 8 but I'm actually worried about the fire risk.

Whilst not smoking is "silent" (i.e. not specifically mentioned) in the standard agreement - I recently paid for a solicitor's letter to reiterate to my tenant that smoking is not permitted inside the property.

I'm unsure if it would be advantageous for me to add the above "nuisance" on the section 8 - as I don't understand what the following means:-"The Section 8 notice expires 14 days after it is served, unless it is for nuisance when it expires 1 day after it is served."

To be honest the tenant has breached so many of the conditions on the RLA agreement from having a pet, to storing bikes inside, to subletting, to smoking illegal drugs at the house, to repeatedly leaving the house unsecured (it was left unlocked again today). I don't know how much detail I should go into on the section 8.

Any help would be appreciated :)

01/11/2018 17:38

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