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Jen & wayne
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Just wondering if anyone has come across this issue before.

We are looking at buying a repossession property house that has solar panels installed on what I think can be called a rent a roof space. ie owners use what they want and the company gets the rest of the profit.

Company is called "A shade greener" and reading reviews about them they seem to be an awful company to deal with. As I do not yet own the property, they won't discuss anything with us.

Seems they have a 25 year lease to have the panels installed. not really sure what happens after this.

All of the reviews I have read, the major problems with the panels seem to be pigeons nesting under them and they need mesh fitting to stop this and possible problems with mortgage companies not giving mortgages on properties that have them installed.

We are buying it cash with no mortgage, so not an issue unless we want to sell.

Were initially scared when we read the contract and accompanying paperwork when it mentioned no title guarantee. and no changes to contract.

My solicitor has seen this before and along with the rest of the paperwork her only concerns were that I may need indemnity insurance if I sell. I've no intention of selling. So not that concerned.

Would love to hear from anyone that has dealt with this company before.

Many thanks

Jen & wayne

02/11/2018 05:04

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