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Good Morning All !.

I have a share of freehold in a block of 24 flats, One of two directors of the management company of the Estate, who lives next door to my tenant has accused her of.

  1. Irregular domestic waste disposal
  2. Making unreasonable noise levels
  3. Using unauthorised parking sapce
  4. Blocking drain
  5. Anti social behaviour
  6. Posting malicious communication.
  7. Having more than one pet .
  8. Damage to communal areas.

I have asked for evidence of this and have received nothing.

I feel he is accusing her of this due to a personal vendetta, becasue of earlier my tenant calling the police regarding an incident of assault against her plus various other harassments like intercepting her mail.

The AGM of the meeting is tonight and the Directors have issued a "special resolution" where they have asked the other residents to vote to allow them to force me to 1. Terminate my tenants lease and 2. if i dont agree they will start legal proceedings to terminate my share of freehold if i don not evict her.

The letter accompanying the AGM notice is heavily biased towards the directors, and the ask that all residents vote with them to agree the "special resolution". I feel this is terribly unfair, and possibly illegal.

Any advice on the matter and how to react to it at the AGM would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in adavnce !

05/11/2018 08:02

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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