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i have 4 unrelated people living in a 4 bed 2 bath house (all 4 bedrooms are spacious and a living room is spacious too). From our local council website, it follows that HMO licences are required if all of the below apply. In my case, only 2 of the 6 requirement apply and therefore I don't believe I need a licence. However, I would be grateful for a confirmation from landlords with similar properties.

It has five or more occupiers comprising two or more separate households, regardless of number of storeys
It is a house or self-contained flat but is not a purpose-built flat situated in a block comprising three or more self-contained flats
Some or all of the occupants share amenities such as bathrooms, toilets or cooking facilities
At least one of the occupants pays rent (or the accommodation is linked to their employment)
It is the occupiers' main residence
It is not an exempt property such as a student hall of residence, or owned or managed by the council, a social landlord or the NHS

Many thanks

11/11/2018 20:06

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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