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I have a new tenant who has complained about the fact that one kitchen base unit has the hardboard back panel bowed outwards so things could slip down the back of the unit.

I think this is normal and happens routinely and I think I expect the tenant to live with it as many other tenants do elsewhere. He insists it is repaired by me immediately or he will have it fixed at my expense.

Part of the issue for me is that I have already fixed 3 similar problems he made an issue of at a 2nd viewing which I thought were trivial but I agreed to do them. I feel he has already used up the goodwill of doing bits of work to please him. He has got a very good house at a good price. I have found him very demanding and so far every step has been a confrontation of some sort.

My instinct is to say I am satisfied with the house if you are not let's end your tenancy now.

I feel annoyed with myself that I have already done more than I think I should to please him. HeI has a good job and is good on paper but I am already exhausted by him and he is only been in 6 days! My instinct says this is not going to end well.

What do you think?

13/11/2018 09:49

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