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Hi all,

After months of being messed around by the tenant as in rent arrears, a low life friend of his putting a couple of windows through, and a constant stream of lies over what the tenant was telling me what he was saying to the police, and then me speaking to the police for an update and being told that what he'd told me wasn't true, the tenant has absconded, again in rent arrears.

I served a Section 8 and 21 on the 1st October, anf the Section 21 is due to come to fruition in the first week of December. However, the tenant tells me that he's now left the keys at my house, and won't be returning. Does this mean that the Section 21 is no longer needed, and that I can take immediate possession, change the locks, advertise for a new tenant, etc...? Or should I follow the Section 21 through by serving the appropriate court paper next month which then gives him 2 weeks to come up with a defence against being evicted?

21/11/2018 16:20

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