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Dispute Resolution Service crazy result

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I post this in the hope that others will gain some wisdom from my experience.

I use the Deosit Protection Service to lodge deposits and for the first time ever had a dispute on the amount claimed. I waited 4 months for their response and couldnít believe their decisions

Claimed for large tear on wallpaper that was 3 years old. Only claimed £100 to strip and repaint. Wall was perfect other than this but RLA recommend to redecorate hallways every 3 years sonawarded nothing.
Large iron shaped burn mark in good quality carpet. Claimed £150 towards a £420 carpet. Awarded 32.50
Claimed £400 for 4 burn marks to the solid wood floor in hallway. Photos show it in excellent condition beforehand. Had to be all sanded back and redone to get the marks out. Amount awarded £100

TIL broken in a wet room that caused a £200 repair bill, awarded £47.50 as a 25% contribution allowing for wear and tear!

A blind had a large red ink splodge on a cream made to measure blind. I charged for the whole blind and they awarded zero as I didnít show it couldnít be cleaned. I wonder if Iíd have paid to get it cleaned and it didnít come out whether they would have then paid both costs? They didnít even award a contribution

Within the claim I listed a number of things I could have charged but was showing reasonableness. These are completely ignored and every item stands on its own.

Iíve managed a portfolio of properties for 20 years and this is the one time Iíve had a disputed deposit that I havenít settled myself.

Lesson learnt- deal with it myself in future, explore other providers and claim for every single little thing as itís the only way to get some money back

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23/11/2018 09:54

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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