Beware that the LAT does NOT provide appropriate guidance on LBA Protocols

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Colleagues despite:
1] Asking repeatedly for this.
2] A version presented that wasn't appropriate & no-one at LAT seemed able to notice that the magic qualifying phrase was omitted from what they offered.
3]Despite asking for my query to be addressed by someone with sufficient oversight- plus my previous requests have been ignored as an irrelevance.
4] It seems ok for me to spend many hours answering others posts or helping colleagues, for my reasonable treated in an unprofessional manner.

I'll answer my own question here..the RLA DOES NOT have the accurate, correct PROTOCOLS[the form of words] to be used in the LBA to be issued when LL pursue MCOL. & That's the truth of the matter. Furthermore the unwise procrastination proves the RLA/LAT doesn't realise the significance of these latest requirements.
Just as I suspected, in the future I'll be paying for a dog, yet having to bark myself.

The marketing blurb for new members shouldn't be making the unsubstantiated claims of providing LL with the info needed to meet regulations. In the matter I've highlighted which is a vital part of a LL's work, the awareness of the LAT has been worryingly poor.

Colleagues reading my posts will be aware to include the necessary phrases in their LBA's....others won't be. A professional association for LL's should have that covered, should realise the significance of particular phrases being included in their final LBA.

This is a 'heads-up' that's been dealt with in an amateurish way because of a lack of knowledge, skill & care to 'get it right'. Thank you to those colleagues who tried to elicit a professional response on this vital point & got precisely nowhere.

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29/11/2018 09:58

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