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I own and rent out one of four maisonettes which share a communal paved area which includes a flight of steps which everyone needs to use for access. In the opinion of me and my tenant, the steps are now dangerous because the flag stones are broken and loose. A visitor to the maisonette stood on the edge of one of the flagstones which lifted and caused him to nearly fall. I obtained two quotes in September (£500 and £950) to get these repaired and provided copies and a polite letter to each of the other three leaseholders. Two have not responded at all, in spite of reminders, and one (who apparently laid the original flagstones a few years ago before I bought my property) said he would repair them, but two months later he still has not done the work and is refusing to answer my calls. The freeholder doesn't want to get involved but has eventually, after pressure, agreed that they will send a surveyor to see whether they support my opinion that the steps are dangerous, but they will charge £750+ VAT for doing this which is more than the cost of repairing the steps. I don't feel it is safe or fair to leave my tenant having to negotiate unsafe steps. I don't want her or any visitors to be injured and also don't want to be jointly liable for damages if anyone sues us. Are you able to advise me on my options please? If I pay for the work to be done myself am I likely to be able to insist the others pay their share, via the small claims court if necessary? Your advice will be much appreciated. Thank you.

02/12/2018 14:11

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