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nicest landlord
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There is a new campaigning organisation for landlords. The chairman was interviewed on R4 You & Yours last week. They seem to be much more confrontational than RLA or NLAssoc. Shelter is a particular target and they want to "call them out" for taking in a lot of money whilst actually housing no one.

My first impression is that their campaigns are right. In a period where an awful lot of people in high places want to bash landlords someone has got to fight back. They are standing up for s21 whilst momementum seems to be building against it and I do not see RLA taking up the fight. But..Their website seems amateur. The tone of their communication feels a bit like UKIP. Some will see common sense others a bit blunt. I can see the Guardian having a field day in trying to mock them. The chairman came over badly on R4. Admittedly Winifred Robinson was cleary out to belittle him but he did himself no favours...

What do people think? Has RLA become too respectable? Do we need a more militant campaign to represent landlords?

03/12/2018 10:34

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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