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County Court Judgement Tenant Appealing

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Hi guys,

I have a tenant in a shared HMO property (license pending but i have the authority to let it out as a HMO with a letter from the LA). He is on a 6 month AST from September and the contract explicitly states that he is not allowed to share the room with anyone else. He has simply refused to pay rent for the past 3 months and moved in another 2 people into his room, one is his sister. They are all working.

I issued the section 8 notice (grounds 8,11,12 and 14) once he was 2 months arrears. Went to the county court 3 weeks ago, he didnt attend so the judge awarded in my favor. I filled out the bailiff form last week and am awaiting for the bailiffs office to ring me to arrange payment for possession.

Today the pcol informed me via email that the defendant has filed something against the judgement. He has gone to the local law centre and obtained free legal advice and expenses for the appeal. As far as i'm aware not paying your rent for 2 months is a mandatory grounds for possession. Am I missing something? what possible grounds could he use for trying to overturn a judgement? aside from telling lies, i wasnt aware of any excuses or appeals on such a decision

For my part, i am a landlord of 15 years, LA accredited, have only last year taken on hmos and this is my very first experience with someone playing the system for all its worth and getting away with it. its pretty disgusting that everything is stacked in their favor whilst i am losing out on my livelihood

Does anyone have any advice as i am representing myself and he has a law centre with legally qualified people representing him now. he is getting free legal advice, representation and fees whilst i would have to pay an extortionate amount for just the basic level of representation on top of what i have already paid to take him to court and get a judgement

03/12/2018 18:20

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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