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I got a quote from the letting agent which was 8% inc. VAT but I didn't let him have the property as I wasn't sure about their credibility. After six months, my two properties became vacant and I came to know that a friend, who has a very big portfolio, of mine is also using them as letting agent. So, I told this letting agent that as my friend is using you, give me the same terms and I will give you my properties. The agent agreed but in the agreement the agent put 8% plus VAT because I had 200% confidence in them. Then, my agent put very bad rent dodging tenants and soon the arrears were building up. The agent assured me that one of my tenants was good with no arrears with the past landlord whilst the other had bad credit rating but related to the first tenant. Still the agent took him too.

Over a period of a year both tenants together are over £2500 in arrears. Both the tenants are DHSS.

I Preach Christianity and I was not happy at all with this Agent. So, I took the properties off from the agent and am getting direct from DHSS. I have informed the Housing Benefits of the amount of arrears. One of the tenants started to pay £20.00 a week against arrears but the other with big arrears pay nothing extra. I wrote to my tenants to pay me direct but the tenant still pays through the Letting Agent as if the tenant is groomed to pay through them only.

Shall I take the matter to the property Ombudsman for redress? What could I expect from him?

Never had such a bad letting agent since I have been in this business from 1985. Can I tell me of worse than mine letting agents? Why the Ombudsman allows them to operate?

Do you know of a letting agent of Christian values? I would much appreciate.

I Preach Christianity on Youtube and have many Christian friends in Britain. I would also write a review on the website of the Letting Agent and facebook. Any other suggestion to highlight such an Agent? Can I take the Agent to court in order to recover my losses? What course of action should I adopt?

Your help would be much appreciated. I am 86 years old Asian, a retired University Lecturer. Any solicitor that you can recommend please?

05/12/2018 13:02

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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