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Quick Q to see if anyone else has a solution to a RTR issue. Prospective tenants live 400 plus miles away and are not going to be near new property until they arrive with a removal van. Letter of law says must see ID docs in person before letting, obviously they want to sign a tenancy agreement before quitting current address and moving, so other than a suggested Skype call (if they do technology) (by RLA chat box here) to see docs and include in agreement the need to see first hand the docs before getting the key, or the very helpful dotgov helpline saying "you have to see them in the flesh" as there appears to be no provision for folk living a long way away or abroad and moving to your rented property, just wondered if anyone had been in a similar position and, if so what you did to best cover yourself? I do think the couple are genuine, elderly and want to move closer to family and the coast.

07/12/2018 12:11

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