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So, to cut a long story short, our tenant left with £1500 arresrs (midnight flit), and we cut our losses and moved on just happy she was out.
Months later she calls to say she has ‘accidentally’ transferred us £600 and she needs it back. We inform her that we will use the money towards arrears, and in fact that she still owes us the difference. She has raised a dispute with the bank and now the bank want our evidence, and the money could end up going back to her which makes me absolutely fume. The bank have taken the money and frozen it.
Surely if it’s transferred back then that means anyone owing us money, or paying us rent, could request it back?! I don’t understand it.
Has anyone got any advise at all on how we fight it to keep the money she has paid us, what we should include in the evidence, whether the RLA help with issues like this, or any other words of wisdom?!
Thank you in advance.

09/12/2018 17:48

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