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I have only just recently discovered that the floor joists in my bathroom are rotten and dangerous. As a result, the ceiling in the flat beneath has collapsed and my tenant (who only moved in at the end of October) is currently staying in a hotel which I am paying for. On Monday, I found out that the buildings insurer will not cover the repair costs quoted at £11k and therefore will not pay the hotel bills. I have already paid for 3 weeks which is just shy of £1k. My managing agent just refers to a clause in the tenancy agreement which says I can frustrate the agreement if it is an 'insured risk'. However, they can give no legal advice on what my obligations are. They first said I would have to pay for the tenant to stay in a hotel however when I asked for clarification as to what grounds I was required to do this they couldn't say. Neither can they give any advice as to what, if any, notice I am legally obliged to give. But that the tenant isn't required to pay me any rent (which I can understand). I really need some urgent advice on my obligations and what I can do. I do not have the means to continue to pay for a hotel which is currently costing £400 a week - my rental income should be £795 a month. Tenant says she is looking for alternative accommodation. Hope you can help - Julie

11/12/2018 14:53

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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