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One of my tenant (renting room) has not paid the rent and does not look like they (cpl) will pay. They are in arrears by 13 days now. It's more then 6 months they have been in property and have 1 month fixed term AST, after that AST became periodic.

I need following advice please:

Is it better to send and proceed with section 8 notice after arrears exceed 31days or will it be better and quicker if I send section 21 notice and move with accelerated court proceedings?

Also, does RLA offer advice on drafting section 8 or section 21 notice? Is there a section where advice is on completing the notice? And Will RLA check after if notice is completed correctly?

And can RLA advice after serving notice on completing form and applying for court proceedings so we can do it ourselves? If yes, Is there any section on website providing advice? And Will RLA check for us if the form is complete correctly?

If RLA don't advice on any of the above, then who should I use to get tenant evicted?

Please get back to me.



12/12/2018 17:45

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