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Well somebody had to start it. Sheen put it quite well. Personally I think the EU have bullied us, 27 v 1 is never going to end well. Yet nobody seems to be to worried about this form of bullying.

I quote Shaheen :

Three choices for the Great British nation:

1) Leave without a deal - catastrophe for the nation, especially for the poor (not so much for slightly well offs like me). Still little control over trade - even WTO rules don't apply to UK as yet (it will take years to get a set of deals).

2) Take what is given as May and EU say. Lose more control than before, have no say and still pay EU an yearly fee (just like my ancestors in Bangladesh/India did to GB and I still suffer from the legacy and I am in the UK because of it - apparently I am inferior because of it too).

3) Stay with the same conditions as before as judged by the EU top court. Have better control and say. Have a dignified place and maintain some sort of prosperity.

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13/12/2018 09:48

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