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This is a supportive, authentic, inspirational site where HMO landlords can pool knowledge, post relevant links, or pose questions. There are robust guidelines however around; respecting everyone in the LL HMO community. This means not being rude, or insulting to other members, nor deliberately aiming to degrade another landlord.
Never in competition with the RLA as it is aimed at LL's managing HMO's, also its FOC.

Posts that do break the rules on 'respect' are removed by a watchful executive.
In light of the recent pejorative posts from one 'soon to be an ex-member' - I recommend/urge the RLA adopt the same principles and especially so when illegal discriminatory content is posted on the Forum & days later is still un-challenged.

Passivity when racist comments are posted is not acceptable. Its also wise to guide members as to what actually constitutes a racist comment. The 'viewpoint' or the 'intentions' of the author posting is NOT one of the criteria. I urge the executive of RLA to advise members of the forum of the legally adopted standard of the word 'racist' to show THEY themselves know & understand the term. Only by doing this can an organisation escape the 'institutionally-racist' finger of blame being pointed.

Un-founded, pejorative remarks naming a specific heritage or cultural group should not be condoned by the forum gate-keepers & removed. To leave such on the Forum is at the very least, unjust & insensitive.

19/12/2018 12:48

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