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HI All 

I have finally managed to get a notice for eviction against a tenant under section 8 but the judge refused for HCEO. Got a lot of money in arrears over £5k

A few questions:
1) What form do i need to fill in to i can get county court bailiff to come and remove them?

2) Will the county court bailiff try and recover any arrears or just give me possession. As the tenant do have cars ?

3) Do i need to wait 14 days before i send the form or should i send from now as due to holidays it will be
14 days anyway?

4) Or should i just get possession and try and recover the arrears by HCEO?

5) How can i add the tenant in a blacklist so other landlords can be aware and not take them as tenants?

Thanks for the answer in advance.     

22/12/2018 15:24

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