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I carry out weekly checks of the fire alarms and emergency lighting and also general checks of the communal areas.

I tenant moved and said that I can not come and go as I please. I informed him that it is a managed HMO and there are always works that need to take place like Rubbish management and general inspections of the communal areas only , I will not access any rooms unless I give 24 hours notice.

They pointed out that the single room tenancy that I downloaded from the RLA website states

Allow us or our agents to come into the property at all reasonable hours of the day to inspect the condition
of the property, to carry out repairs or to do work which we must carry out by law. We will give you at least
24 hours’ written notice if we are going to enter the property. You must let us enter the property
immediately if there is an emergency."

Is this LAW ? I mean surely a single room tenancy from the RLA should know that in a HMO you need to inspect communal areas at will ? I then said OK I will inform by text , they said they want written notice like it sates by letter , this is going to slow me down if I have to write to each tenant , In my history this is the first time that this has happened in my other HMOs the tenants do not mind me coming to inspect the communal areas.

Can any one help me can future tenancies be changed to say 24 hours to inspect rooms but communal areas can be inspected without giving notice as my checks are checks I have to do by law.

24/12/2018 00:34

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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