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Hi All

I have a number of properties help in my sole personal name, I have had them since 2006 ish all on very low base rate trackers with the mortgage express which has now been taken over by a lender called Jasper.

I am now a higher rate tax payer, and due to the new tax changes going forward i need to change the way in which i operate these as if not the tax payable will just make it un-viable or hardly worth while.

I have a breif conversation with my accountant on Monday who has mentioned transferring to a partnership with my wife and then after transferring to a limited company, this is a way to transfer without having to pay the 3% stamp duty.

I am a Chartered Surveyor by trade not an accountant or solicitor so was wondering if anyone here has done something similar or has better advice?

questions that come to mind are will the lender allow the properties to be transferred without changing the rates? in a partnership arrangement does the renal income need to be split 50/50 or could my wife take most of it as she is a lower rate tax payer..

Thanks for your advice/suggestions.

Kind regards


26/12/2018 14:16

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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