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On Xmas Day I received a phone call from the next door neighbour of our tenant, who had water running down the party wall. I tried phoning the tenant and then sent a text, when he didn't respond I went and finding the locks had been changed, broke in to turn the water off. What I found was a nightmare, the house had been trashed, the main front bedroom had about 100 mature cannabis plants growing under powerful heat lights, there was a sophisticated ventilation system and it was all automatically watered, which is what had gone wrong and had come adrift. The ceilings downstairs have come down and there is plaster off the walls. The house is completely sodden. The Police Drugs Clearance Team and CSI have just finished their work and have handed the house back to me. I'me not sure where to start and don't have the money to refurb the house. Does anyone have any advise? is there a fund/help anywhere I can tap into?
I've had better Xmas's!

29/12/2018 14:19

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