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Hi all. Am very new to this renting malarky and have a bit of a complicated one but will try and summarise as best I can....

Tenant (cpl) who have now split up and one has remained in the flat are now 8 days in arrears with their final rent payment (they only signed a 3 month contract). We have a cp12, epc etc. We need to access the flat as we have new fire alarms and co alarms to put in and we are also wanting someone to come and have a look at a spot of damp in the spare room. The tenant has read WhatsApp messages (pretty much the only way he communicates recently) but not replied so on advice we posted a letter at 10am yesterday (friday) requesting access at 3pm today to fit these. We added that if we didn't hear back before midday today we could assume it was ok to enter the flat.. so far no communication.

We know he is still in the flat, and that we have given him the option to communicate with us but what if he turns around and makes an excuse as to why he hasn't got the letter I.e was away from the flat yesterday.. Are we then breaching anything by entering the flat even though in our tenancy agreement we outlined we would like access once a month to do a check/ maintenance if required?

Sorry for the long and possibly complex post. Any advice welcome.

05/01/2019 09:29

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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