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Opinions sought - S8 (8) or S21

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Interesting one, what is the groups feelings of S8 over S21?

Six months now rolling monthly (since August 2017)
all docs supplied correct

I have always normally used S21 (and only ask for costs) to remove somebody (no fault) as I find it the most factual way of sorting it out.

The reason why I ask is that I have a tenant that is just causing me some "interesting thoughts".
1st December paid 50% rent and delayed 50% payment but paid it within two weeks ish), this month tells me on the 1st she needs to update council on her wage figures, sorry cannot pay, messages are a little slow when I asked questions, and she tried to tell me the offices don't open until the 3rd, so I sent her a picture of the offices being open from the 2nd. Nothing back.

She has always been a very honest girl, and works in the entertainment industry so her wage fluctuate. I have no reason to believe this is not true. It's how it has always been.

All docs are in order, so I could serve S21 or I could service S8(8) on the 1st Feb.

I'm just pondering do I issue a S21 now (just in case) or take each day as it comes and then serve S8 on the 1st Feb (two calendar months overdue).

Having never actually issues a S8 in this way before I'm interested in your thoughts on this.

Of course it is all related to speed and likelihood of a court being able to get her out.

Sadly she has a ten year old child (but this is not my concern should I decide she's on her way)



07/01/2019 08:09

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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