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Allow guarantor to change locks?

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I have an eviction going through where the guarantor is asking my agreement to clear the tenant's remaining things and change the locks. He is a decent man, father of the tenant who appears to have bad mental health/drug problems.
I applied for possession order 21 Dec and will probably get it in February. Meanwhile the tenant has moved in with her boyfriend and cleared 90% of her belongings. But she appears to be going back to the property and has not yet surrendered keys.
The guarantor wants my to lend him keys to take away the remaining belongings, skip rubbish and change the lock. He claims to have spoken to Police who say they would not get involved (he is a retired policeman himself).
I could probably get him to indemnify me against potential civil claim for unlawful eviction but my worry is if she later turned up banging on the door and ringing the Police screaming then I would be obliged to let her in and give her a new key so I cannot really re let the house with that possibility hanging in the air.
Guarantor is a decent man and his argument is based on his daughter being unable to make decisions for herself. Rent arrears are now 2 months and clearly he does not want to pay many more months.
My inclination is to say he needs to persuade the tenant to hand over to him the existing key.
What would you do?

07/01/2019 10:44

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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