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Ive spoken to your team on the phone and i asked if I could have some back up in an email from your company so i can include to a reply to my tenant


Flat i own had painted repairs circa August 2018 by the management company due to dampness prior to a new tenant moving in.

New tenant AST issued September 2018 for 6 months plus 1500 deposit- rent is 1050 per month
Single guy working
Deed of guarantee issued to his parents
Deposit taken and protected- EPC- all documents issued under deposit
Inventory signed - flat was in very good condition.

Mould growth appeared circa October 2018 and reported to management company as pay a service charge
Service company kept saying its my problem not theirs
I paid a surveyor to report and identified gutters were letting water in to the walls due to frustration with management company.
Tenant reported extract fan needed replacing to which Ive done that also with a humidistat controller.
Management company then issued me with a report done months earlier confirming the same as my report and they've kept me in the dark and the report states they need major repair work to the whole building.
Tenant decided to deduct 30% rent in December 2018 from me.
He agreed he must pay the full rent and I would agree a gesture of goodwill compensation payment separately
Shortfall of rent not paid
Tenant now saying he will not pay the full rent and is demanding money back from when he moved in.
Ive told him he is duty bound to pay the rent and offered to meet him today - he has not responded.

I want to be nice but firm

Your Rachael suggested i write and say understand he's not happy and Im prepared to release him early if he finds something else.

What shall i do and can you give me some back up in an email?



07/01/2019 12:34

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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