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I currently have an issue with a tenant who is a single parent of one child, she is a friend of a family member who I had known for a year or so when she enquired about renting one of my properties. She was in full time work and I know her family personally. She is on a Contractual Periodic Tenancy Agreement and has no guarantor as her mother is ill and her brother runs a small business but wasn't in a position to help. Her rent is £425 pcm.
She moved into the property in October 2017 and I spoke to her frequently over the Christmas period and she mentioned each month that the rent had been paid. However, in the following January I sat down to do our accounts and realised that there had been no rent going into the accounts (my fault for not checking sooner I know) I contacted her immediately and she was horrified to discover that she had put the wrong account number on her standing order, she claims that she went to the bank the same day and was trying to get the money wrongly paid, returned to her. Apparently she didn't get any of it back but I have no proof either way.
She promised to pay extra rent until it was paid back.
She paid all of £300 off her arrears despite contacting her several times but at least she was paying her rent!
In September 2018 I went on holiday for 4 weeks, as is the norm I contacted all of my tenants to let them know I would be away and to remind them of emergency contact numbers etc. When I got home it was almost Christmas and I was busy trying to catch up so I didn't get to the rent account until mid December and noticed no rent for October, November or December I have tried various methods to contact her (calls, text, email, going to the property) all of which failed to get a response so I asked her mother and brother to get her to contact me they know about the situation and have spoken to her about her arrears but I have yet to hear a word. I it very frustrating and upsetting as I counted her as a friend but I have no idea what to do next? I have always been able to discuss rent arrears with my tenants and am more than fair (probably too fair!) any advise would be gratefully received.

08/01/2019 12:28

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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