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I served a section 21 notice on a problem tenant as an easy way to end his tenancy. He is due to leave by 25th January, but shows no sign of planning to move out. Recently he was arrested for threatening another tenant in my building and assaulting a police officer who attended. He is now on remand pending a court hearing next week.
I now want to serve him with a section 8 notice citing Grounds 14 (and 15 for damage to property) as he has been involved in other incidents recently with other tenants. All incidents have a police reference number.
If he is not imprisoned at the court hearing, he is likely to be at another hearing later in the month for another offence.
My question is, how do I serve a section 8 notice if he is in prison? Does it need to be served directly to him in person? Can he be evicted (assuming I get a court order) if he is in prison?

08/01/2019 15:46

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