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Hello, Could you help with this query please?

we currently have a tenant who has not paid his rent since the beginning of November plus he owes us his deposit which he has never paid. He had some personal problems so we gave him some space, but he has made no attempt to pay since he fell into arrears in November. He is and has been in employment throughout.

His rent is due on the 9th of the month and as of 9th January he owes us 3 months rent at £420 pm, plus £200 deposit which he has never paid totalling £1860. His tenancy commenced on May 9th for 6 months so he has been outside the tenancy agreement since November 9th.

He has been promising to pay his rent for months now but has made no effort to pay anything off so we have reached the point where we feel we have no option but to evict him and chase him for the money he owes.

Could you advise us on the process and potential pitfalls please. As this appears to be a S21 case, can we serve him with notice and take him to a small claims court for the debt.

Thank you.

10/01/2019 21:40

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