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Inventory and schedule of dilapidations

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I recently spent a great deal of time re-typing a check-out report, so that I could add two columns, for 'remedies' and 'costs', when preparing a potentially contentious submission to tenants. In order to avoid having to do this again, I agreed with the inventory clerk, on another property, that she would send me the report electronically, in Microsoft Word.

But she sent it as a pdf document. When I said that was no use to me, as I would not be able to reformat it in order to produce a quantified report, she explained that she was 'required by legislation' to have total control of the inventory report, and could not allow any suggestion that someone else eg the landlord, had 'had acess to it': ie, if I wanted to use the report as a basis of schedule of dilapidations, I would have to have it re-typed.

Is this 'make-work' really necessary? Is it implicit in the legislation, or the inventory clerks' code of practice, that clerk's are not to provide editable, electronic copies of their report to commissioning landlords?

On a related theme, are there any instances of inventory clerks helping to estimate or advising on re-chargeable costs for eg blu-tac damaged wallpaper, stained upholstery, scratched furniture? Where does one go, for sensible advice about this?

Is there a code of best practice, which sets out what a landlord can expect from an inventory clerk?

07/04/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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