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Landlord in need of help
Landlord in need of help
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We purchased a block of flats and accompanying garages in July. The rent for the garages is received quarterly in advance. We have not yet received any rent for one of the garages. The property was purchased at auction and we were given all the contact details for the tenants from the previous landlord. I have tried on numerous occasions to contact the gentleman renting the garage (letters and calls) without success, eventually someone called me having received the letters stating that no one by that name has lived there for at least five years. The previous landlords does not have any other contact details for him. They have tried to contact him too without avail. His direct debit is still set up and the rent is going into their bank account but they will not send the rent on to me without his permission.

I posted a note under the garage door in October and stuck a letter to the door of the garage telling him that we are the new owners, that the rent is overdue and providing our contact details. I do have keys to the garage and have tried to open the door but the key doesn't work so I would need to change the lock to gain access. The note on the door has not been removed and the one under the garage door is still poking out and hasn't been touched.

What should my next step be to regain possession?

I would appreciate advice as to whether I am allowed to put an abandonment notice on the door and then change the locks and re-let the garage after a month.

If the garage is full of possessions, how long would I have to store them for?

Thank you in advance

15/01/2019 19:18

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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