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Hi All

I rent a house share where there are 4 tenants , 3 of them have never given me issues but one has been a constant pain in terms of asking for ,in my view trivial cosmetic things to be fixed.

So when this tenant moved in the shower was being redone after a leak , this fix held for 4 months before the tradesman involved tried 2 more times over 1 year to cure the issue , all the while the tenant had access to a bath in the same suite.

There was also some flaking paint in a few areas and some carpet on the stair treads that is in need of replacement as its dirty (They all wear shoes)

I have tried my best to address these issues and have now had the shower sorted , and spoken to a painter and carpet fitter to deal with those items.

The tenant has been threatening to make a claim for mis-selling (Looking to get a portion of his rent back if not all rent paid !) and he feels i have not acted on these issues and the few verbal discussions where by i did say i would look at these issues have influenced his decision to continue with his tenancy.

How much of a case does he have and what can he realistically achieve legally ?

I believe i have been a good landlord and never complained about his failings for paying rent late at times or making cosmetic alterations to the property without my permission.

I have now agreed to a 3 month schedule of works subject to tradesman but i really don't like the tone the tenant has taken with me but i also want to appear reasonable

16/01/2019 17:36

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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