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I conducted a viewing and the applicant said she wanted to take up the tenancy. She tried to offer me a cash deposit there and then. I told her that I don't do things like that and that she would need to make a bank transfer. She was happy to complete and sign my application form that clearly states under what circumstances the deposit will be returned. Later that day she called me from the bank to confirm the amount to be transferred. As time is of the essence, as I am trying to help my current tenant to move out from the property early due to ill-health, I requested referencing on the tenant in-line with what we had agreed that morning, ie that she wanted the tenancy to progress as quickly as possible. The referencing came back failed due to lacking or incomplete information. The tenant contacted me soon after this to complain that the wife of her current Landlord had been contacted unexpectedly and 'probed' for information. The tenant had told me that she was the paid carer for her elderly father, it turns out that this is not the case and that actually she is the paid carer for her current Landlord. I was concerned when this information came to light, not because it mattered to me who pays her, but because she had not told me the full story. Anyway, she virtually attacked the referencing agency for the approach to the Landlord's wife and although she then backed down at the time, as since renewed her attack and described this questioning as 'highly unprofessional'.

To cut a long story short, this woman is now threatening to take me to the small claims court to get her £200 holding deposit back and become very abusive and left a voicemail message threatening to come round to my house if I don't speak to her on the phone. She has now turned it round onto me and is saying that I have behaved unprofessionally and that I have called her a liar, which I have been careful not to do and I have evidence from the referencing company that her application was incomplete.

I have obtained some advice from the RLA webchat and have been in contact with the referencing company.

Has anyone else had a similar experience or advice that they can offer in relation to dealing with the situation? Thanks.

22/01/2019 18:24

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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