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Like many people the 10 year expiry date on EPCs is coming up/or has come up on properties we have had for many years. I have recently installed new water filled electric radiators in two of my properties which are 100% efficient and have now had all my EPC's renewed only to find that the two with the new radiators have dropped their EPC rating. These radiators replaced 25+ year old storage heaters and convector heaters. Apparently the Government has yet to rate these new systems so the assessors only recognise gas central heating or electric storage heaters as efficient forms of energy. What incentive is there then to upgrade our properties if these new systems are not recognised? Apparently the MD of the company I bought them from is campaigning tirelessly to get recognition. Luckily all bar one my properties were in the EPC Band C but the one being in Band D and now has new radiators has dropped to Band E rather than climbing to Band C as I had anticipated! The reason for this post is to get members to be aware that not all energy efficient measures that you instal will currently be recognised

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25/01/2019 10:46

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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