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There is a situation where 3 girls signed a jointly and severally liable AST contract. the girls were not previously know to each other. the contract finishes July 31st 2019. One girl to be referred to as X has began to exhibit very anti social behaviour due to mental illness which is frequently directed at the other two. The other two tenants would like to leave the contract early but X has become mentally ill has put impossible criteria that must be met by any incoming tenant which includes specific preferences as to gender, occupation, social class, nationality, location of work, type of work etc. This can clearly not be met and is also not legal I imagine. So there is a situation where to the two girls cannot easily replace themselves and leave before the contract ends and are unable to peacefully enjoy their home during this time. The contract has a clause about anti-social behaviour as follows
2:50 Not to do anything at the Premises (including the playing of excessively loud music) which is a nuisance or annoyance or causes damage to the Premises or adjacent or adjoining Premises or neighbours or might reasonably be considered to be anti-social behaviour.
Can the two girls who are the victims of the anti social behaviour use this as grounds to legally end their tenancy early? Can the impossible criteria be disregarded and replacement tenants for the two outgoing girls be accepted without the agreement of X although we accept they should be told about the issues so they can make an informed decision There are no grounds in the contract for ending the contract early unless the property becomes uninhabitable . Thank you for your comments

27/01/2019 14:24

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