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Has anyone had to instruct bailiffs to gain possession of their property? Can you walk me through the steps!?

Its 2 weeks tomorrow since I got the court order which said tenant had to leave due to rent arrears. However he hasn't gone yet!

My solicitor said it will take approx 8 weeks for her to action the bailiffs.

I've been down to the county court today and they have said if I pay and instruct the bailiffs myself it will only take 3 weeks. Has anyone done this?

I will wait until Wednesday ie 15 days after county court judgement.

1) I have form N325 request for warrant of possession. I'm assuming I hand deliver this to the court on Wednesday?

2) I think ?? I then have to write to the tenants saying I'm instructing bailiffs I can hand deliver this letter to the tenants on Wednesday.

3) Then I'm assuming I try and get a bailiff appointment at least 14 days later than Wednesday, I think the bailiffs have to send form N54 to the tenant to confirm bailiff appointment a few days before the appointment date.

4) I arrive with my locksmith at the time and date of bailiff appointment.

All this has been going on for 4 and half months - I have hand delivered everything so far and I appreciate I'm not in to bad a position, but I just want the speediest outcome for the sake of my sanity so if anyone can help it would be very much appreciated :)


28/01/2019 19:46

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