Should the tenant contribute to the cost of removing mould from the property?

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Hi there,
We have a problem of mould in one of my properties. The property was repainted, with no sign of mould before renting it.
After a month in the property, the tenant complained about mould growing in the bedrooms at the upper floor.
We called a damp specialist, thinking it was due to damp coming from outside - however the finding was that the humidity in the bedrooms was well above the normal level (over 90%, compared to a healthy value of 40-60%). The reason was found to be the tenant not airing the property, and drying the washing on the radiators, and a leak from the roof (this limited to a wardrobe).
So we instructed the tenant to open the windows regularly, not drying the washing inside the house, washing the walls with a mix of water and bleach (as recommended by the damp expert) and bought a dehumidifier for him.
We didn't hear from him for a month; then again he called saying that the mould was spreading further.

Now I have hired a specialist to get rid of the mould - but that will be a hefty bill.

Considering that the property didn't have any problem with mould before the tenant moved into the house, and initially the problem was caused by the tenant's negligence, do we have enough grounds to ask him at least to contribute to the cost of the removal?

Has anybody had a similar experience?

Kind regards,
Mass and Claire

02/02/2019 11:50

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