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One of the 2 tenants in the property on the present AST is having to leave as his Mother is seriously ill with cancer overseas, the other tenant wanted to stay and has found a new person to share with. This new person is not in the flat yet, as no checks done yet.
I know I have to do a new AST, for the change of tenants ( end old AST return deposits give new Right to Rent information etc) from reading forums. What I need to know is:-

A) does the old inventory still stand?
the original 2 tenants moved in July 2018 so can the 1 new ingoing tenant just look through it and agree or does a complete new inventory have to be done?

B) The original tenant who is going to stay, ( and will be put on the new AST)is possibly away on holiday on the actual end date notice of their original AST.
What happens in this situation? I assume his original credit / right to rent checks do not need to be redone.
Do I advise him to pay pro rata for the flat the few days he is away, ( if this happens to be the case, I am seeing him later in the week to check these things out) so the new AST can begin with both tenants on the same day? This is what I am unsure of.

C) The original tenants deposit which is logged in a government scheme as required. Can I ask them to have it returned to me so I can re-deposit the original tenant's money again and refund the other person? On the couple of occasions I have visited with gasman for annual check or when I did a flat inspection, the property has been immaculate so I do not forsee any deductions, ( unless things have changed since I last visited) so I wondered if the money has to go back directly to them, or can it come to me to save time?

D)Do I have to do an official check out when one of the original tenants will still be insitu?

Sorry for the different questions, but I am as I say unsure in this situation what to do.

04/02/2019 14:39

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