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Hi all,

My existing tenant broke up with his girlfriend who is the co-tenant. She's moving out but he wanted to stay. Our existing tenancy agreement is until end of March 2019 and I am drafting a new tenancy agreement for him alone starting April. However, it gets a little complicated here as his income is a below what I consider minimum to rent the place. Since I had a history with him and he's been a good tenant, I decided to go ahead. However, I am asking for a 4 months rental in advance as a safeguard. The rest of the rental (8 months) is to be then split across 11 months. He's agreed to this approach.

However, my issue is how do I incorporate this into the tenancy agreement? Should I keep the rental amount in the tenancy agreement to the actual rental amount/month and provide an addendum to the tenancy agreement with all these details I've described above? Any help or advice would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

05/02/2019 21:58

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