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I have a couple of tenants who are my parents living in a small shared accommodation with a couple of other unrelated tenants.

One tenant (Person x) has made my parents lives a living misery and have actually caused nothing but aggravation, so much so I (as the landlord) have had to step in and try and mediate to help things. This has not proved successful and now each are cursing at one another and not getting along.

The other tenant is happy and has no problems with my parents, and we have had other tenants staying at the property with no issues.

I am getting inundated with messages from Person X and she is relentless in messaging me for any confrontation they appear to have with one another. She calls, texts and emails all hours of the day and night sometimes drunk. I have told her that we should only be contacted outside of working hours for an emergency.

She decides that everything is an emergency when it is not. To put this into context, her shopping from ocado was refused as Ocado man gave a different name to the tenant's name. I was called 5 times and sent a text (7 times) to say it was an emergency that she didn't get a food shop delivered.

Being a landlord I understand I have a duty to all tenants, but when one clearly is antagonising the others and appearing to harassing myself what would my course of action be?

She has made threats that she would report me to the council for not doing anything about the situation, but is there anything that can be done? At this stage it's tenant's not getting on with one another. I have tried to mediate, and privately spoken to my parents. They feel it's their home too so shouldn't be pushed out because of a person who's hell bent on making their lives a living nightmare.

She has now said she has had authorisation by the police to record them at home when there's a confrontation between both parties, and my parents now do not appear to have a right to privacy in their own home or even shared spaces. Is this correct? Is she able to record other tenants without their consent in a private dwelling?

Any pointers on how to deal with this would be much appreciated.

05/02/2019 22:45

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