Becoming an EPC assesor and other related jobs, has anyone done it?

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In my 50's. We are not rich (or cut throat business people)and never will be. We own a few houses that we are hoping will help fund our retirement.

I keep telling myself that I am going to retire in a couple of years. And am still unsure of what that actually means.

Freedom to travel the world when we want to? Live in the UK in the summer and overseas in the winter?

I think my ideas differ slightly from my wife's ideas. (although we both agree on the above statement).

I seem to be thinking more of a career change to assisting the houses more than giving up working altogether.

Possibly something that would please both of us. ie, something flexible.

We already do a lot of the refurbishment work on new houses ourselves (bit of a challenge when you live a few thousand miles away. We can probably manage 80% of it ourselves, but there are obviously areas that you need to employ a specialist electrician or gas safe registered guy, etc.

I have loads of ideas for the semi retirement, Some are doing more for my houses (some are in a totally different field)

Being an Aircraft maintenance engineer, I could probably add PAT testing to my retirement jobs quite easily.

Would love to know how far others go in supporting their houses. Or any ideas of how to fill up our free time if we retire while still helping our property business.

06/02/2019 07:56

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