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Weird deposit situation

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Jane Lo
Jane Lo
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Hi all,
Some advice would be welcome. After many months and several section 21s the tenant has left and returned the keys. Deposit is held by letting agent and insured with MyDeposits. Deposit is £1100, rent owed is £1000 and house left in damaaged state costing £1000+ to restore.
The tenant has not asked for deposit back nor has she responded to my letters/emails. Agent will not release deposit to me without tenants agreement. MyDeposits do not allow landlords to raise a dispute, only the tenant.
I would be content to have the deposit to cover rent owed and write the rest off - I have told the tenant this but no response.
I feel uneasy about the deposit just living with the agent forever. It seems unclear where the lines of responsibility lie between me as landlord and the agent. If I held the deposit I would feel the need to try to contact the tenant to resolve the situation but the agent does not.
I don't want the cost or stress of going to court but don't want the tenant to get away with behaving so badly. I worked with the homelessness prevention officer at the council to help find the tenant and her 4 children a council house. The whole process of her leaving took 7 months Once she had it she didn't even tell me she had moved.
The whole process is so rigged against the landlord. Tenants appear to have no responsibilities at all Argghhhh!

07/02/2019 07:44

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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