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Discrimination against unemployed

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The founders of the movement "Discrimination against the unemployed" should join the real world.
We have been landlords for more than 25 years and have had numerous DSS tenants only some of which were employed but only on a low wage. We have had our share of bad tenants and "runners" but until recently the housing benefit was paid to us directly by Housing Benefit Section. This policy, as we all know, has now been changed because some idiot decided that people on benefits are ALL capable of managing their financial affairs. The result is that those who are incapable of managing their financial affairs keep the housing benefit and use it for other things like smokes, weed, drugs, booze, betting and other activities leaving the landlord considerably out of pocket. It is true that if the tenant does not pay the rent over to the landlord for 8 weeks we can ask the Council to pay the rent to us direct BUT 8 weeks at 100 per week is 800. which we then will never get back from the tenant.
Also we then have to get rid of the tenant which makes him/her even more likely not to pay the rent.
It is not that we are anti DSS tenants. We just want a level playing field and the same protection which the tenants get.
Unfortunately we don't get it and are not likely to.
21/01/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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