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lodger of tenants or new tenancy?

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I have the following situation. 1). An AST set up in 2001 in name of 3 people now has 1 of the originals plus her partner. They are good tenants and have been together in the house for at least 8 years. The fact that the second tenant is not on the tenancy agreement is our slackness 2). We have not put up the rent for 5.5 years, (house was very scruffy, they are stable, sensible tenants), and now, particularly having done some improvements to the house, need to raise the rent to something still less than market value (we like them as tenants) but still £150/month increase on what they have been paying for 5.5 years.

3). They have told us that they want to bring a third person who is known to them, as additional tenant to help with the increase.

Our questions are therefore:

a). Given that the current AST is not up to date (only one tenant named) and also one that came from an agent, so not as good as RLA version, we would like to end the tenancy, but offer our tenants plus friend a new jointly and severally liable AST starting day after old tenancy ends. Does that sound ok?

b) If they would prefer to have the friend as their lodger, we have no objection in principle but looking online, that seems a risky way forward as if the tenants go, the lodger could be hard to remove - have we got that right / any thoughts?

16/02/2019 14:56

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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