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Nice landlord
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The saga continues........
Have a court date for repossession, however, it would appear that tenant has left some weeks ago. No personal belonging left behind (except junk - old sofa, bed and mouldy food!)

He hasnít left key behind but Iím having a new door fitted as there is a large hole in front door following a police raid and it is not secure.

My question is, do I continue with court proceedings, and include all of the above info, or can I crack on and get flat refurbed and sold/re-let. It looks like a squat now so need full refurb !

Also on court proceedings, will judge gone me right of possession straight away or will I still need to go to bailiff to officially get property back.

All that is left behind are letters chasing for council tax, utilities etc etc as nothing has been paid!

Thanks in advance guys

17/02/2019 13:55

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